Friday, May 8, 2009

This week and my first triathlon in nearly 11 months...

--This years race kit...a red speedsuit.

This week started out a little slow as it took me a while to recover from Wildflower. I did manage to get in a hard track session, a hard bike with some hill intervals, and some masters swim workouts (none of which proved to be fast but that's what happens when the bike and run intensity goes way up). Right now it is all about quality, not quantity and fluff miles.
So, a solid week thus far and tomorrow I will do my first triathlon since last, it has been a while. I have done some bike racing and training has been going very well but I haven't really tested myself in a multisport event since Xterra Richmond last June. Most of you know my season got derailed last year due to some outside factors so let's just say I am beyond motivated and excited to race. The club race tomorrow is simply a tune-up for my first important race in Michigan May 17th. It will be good to really blow out the pipes and get the rust off before it is time to really test myself on the Xterra circuit.

--The rig ready for tomorrows more TT bike so the road bike will have to do.

So, that is it from here. Off for a short recovery ride and run. Have fun out there and stay tuned to hear about my adventures this weekend.


jameson said...

the bike is looking fast... it must be those sweet TT bars!

good luck tomorrow... but i really can't wait to see what goes down next weekend.

Luke said...

go get 'em brotha!

Matt said...


slowman140.6 said...

Have a great race and have some fun, Trevor.