Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wildflower and this week...

Wildflower has come and gone and, overall, it was a huge success for Skinfit. We made sales, contacts and had a great time. That isn't to say we didn't work really hard and are still feeling the effects of all the running around (standing for 3 days is no bueno!).

--Me and my buddy Shane...he did his first triathlon!

I got in some training but very little. This week I am back at it with some very hard workouts planned. I have my first important race of the year May 17th in Michigan so I am preparing for that. I am doing the club race this weekend as a tune-up...haven't done a triathlon since last June so time to get the "rust" off! I am excited to go hard and see what I have built over the past few months. So, this post will be pretty boring as I have tons to do and I am off for a run right now. I will have more to share later in the week after some tough sessions tomorrow and leading into the weekend.
Stay tuned and have fun out there!

--Stanford Triathlon Team...Skinfit is now their official apparel sponsor

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Marie said...

Congratulations on a great event!