Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy but in a good way

I have been pretty busy lately but it is all for the right reasons. Skinfit is blowing cool to see orders coming in all the time! Our white tri shorts, trisuit, tri tops are selling like hotcakes and we are ordering more from Europe this week to meet the demand...Kona must be right around the corner =)Plus, all kinds of things in the works that could be really great for us.

My knee actually feels the best it has in a long time. Granted I am only doing 30 min easy spinning on the trainer to increase the blood flow but between this, the foam roller, stretching, ice, and time things are coming along. I have another week before the 4 week mark is up...I was told I needed an additional 4 weeks after my first 7 weeks and an MRI. By no means am I saying that in 1 week I will be good to go but I made a decision that I wouldn't even try to really ride/run until the 4 weeks is up. So, one more week of active therapy and then I will see where I stand.

On another note, my knee injury has allowed me to get into surfing. I have wanted to learn to surf for a REALLY long time and I decided now is a good a time as any. I live across from the beach, I have plenty of people to paddle out with that can offer helpful tips, I have a bum knee, the weather has been amazing, I need to be active and focus my energy on something else, and it is just flat out relaxing. I went out both days this weekend and I will certainly be out more this week as I am borrowing a board from Jessica's dad and I pick it up tomorrow. I think I found my new addiction. When my racing is over I think I will get really into surfing...actually I know I will!

I have some other emerging things happening too but I will share those later. That's it for now. Hope everyone is loving life out there! More soon....


Luke said...

surfer trevor! right on bro...glad to hear you are finding another outlet in the meantime.

Zippy said...

Some good surf hit this past weekend, glad you got out to enjoy it!

Matt said...

That last twitter pic. . .Shell Beach? Road-trip!

Jenifer said...

You'll be back training before you know it.

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