Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, everyone seems to be asking "how is the knee?" Well, not good enough for me to resume normal training, which totally sucks. Yeah, some progress is being made but it is slow going. Truthfully, I am totally over this injury and it has been really hard on me mentally. I just don't understand how it is taking this long to heal when an MRI has shown that there isn't anything torn. So, I continue with the healing process and keep hoping that someday I can get back to doing what I love, training and racing.
Injuries take you to a really "dark" place and it is very hard for athletes to cope with the stress of it all. More then the physical pain is the mental and emotional pain of being removed from the sports you love. For me, I took a huge leap to chase my dreams and didn't even have a chance to toe the line to realize them. Really, I haven't even had a chance to compete at the high level I feel I am capable of...I feel robbed and it beats me up everyday. I think I have been better at coping with it all recently but I certainly still have my moments of complete frustration and disgust.
I have been surfing a ton to get my mind off of the injury and to remain active. Also, I have been doing some (only a couple times a week) openwater swimming. I am pretty much in the ocean everyday now and I love it. I really feel that the ocean helps with the healing...more mentally. There is something so peaceful about being out there, catching waves and getting some sun.
So, that is my update. A bit of a downer I know but it is the reality of the situation. Injuries suck and it takes a really strong person to not breakdown and throw in the towel.


Luke said...

yes it does man! good to hear you are finding an outlet. the scale of the ocean still provides that epic natural feel...and charging waves sounds like a blast.

i'm going to take you up on an open water adventure here soon.

everything happens for a reason right...a test of resolve, patience, possibly a window of opportunity...this time will serve some sort of purpose in the end.

keep at it bro!

Slater Fletcher said...

sorry to hear it is taking so long. . . You are totally right about the mental side. I stopped running for two weeks now because of my foot/ankle and I have never wanted to run more in my life!

Let me know if I can help in anyway (swim,paddle,arm wrestle?) to keep you active or if you just want to hang.

Just think of how much more you are going to love it when you are back

Marie said...

Tough times for sure. On the positive side your patience will strengthen and so will your commitment. I know you will get through all of this even stronger.