Friday, July 31, 2009

Rehab United rocks!

I started up with physical therapy on Tuesday at Rehab United (carmel valley location). Mike Van Gilder has been nothing short of amazing and I feel like I am already seeing improvements. I am stoked on the progress this I did some dynamic stretches and strengthening, which I thought would lead to some knee pain but the knee held up well and I feel good right now.
Honestly, I didn't go to PT prior to this week b/c of money. I knew it would be good but since I am strapped for cash I just did it myself and couldn't justify the expense. I decided that I needed to be more aggressive with my therapy and Lesley Paterson pointed me to Mike. Mike has been a tremendous help thus far and I owe him a ton for his willingness to work with me.
Being in the Rehab United facility makes me realize the importance of flexibility, strength, and coordination work. I fully intend to bring this specific training into the fold as I return to training and racing. Reto has encouraged me to do this type of training for a while now and I guess I underestimated the importance. I am doing movements I didn't even think existed but they are strengthening all the little muscles that rarely even fire. Sure, lifting weights is beneficial and I will do this too but I have come to realize that the work I am doing now at Rehab United is crucial and is overlooked by the vast majority of athletes. I am certain that working with Mike and Rehab United will lead to better form, greater strength, less injury, and speed, which I will need for racing. If you need rehab don't hesitate to get in touch with Mike!
So, just thought I would share my thoughts and progress this week.
Have a good weekend everyone!


beth said...

rehanb united DOES rock. and i've been slacking on going...say hi to bryan for me!!
hope the healing process continues. sounds like things are pointed in the right direction

samantha said...

Good to see you back on the bike. Keep at it, step-by-step, and you'll get there
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