Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The roller coaster ride (at bootleg and in life).....

--Me and my buddy Jake loving the Bootleg trails!

So, I managed some high quality training weeks before heading off to Vegas for Interbike. I felt amazing and the knee was holding up really well. Prior to Interbike I had traveled up to SLO for some work and fun. So, I had a couple weeks of travel and work back-to-back, which meant that my rehab exercises and ART kind of tapered off. This always seems to happen b/c you are traveling and just don't have the time and resources to get everything done that REALLY needs to be done.

Once I got back from Interbike (knee felt awesome out in Vegas), I went for a mellow run along the bay and the knee was bothering me. When I finished my run it hurt and it really started to hurt for a couple days after my run. I was naturally really worried. I went back to Rehab United yesterday and got some ART work done and today it is feeling much better.

A few things came into play...with no PT and ART my muscles tightened up and put stress on my knee, all the driving made my hips super tight, and my seat was a bit high on my mountain bike, which caused a little pain in my achilles and also tweaked my knee. So, just goes to show how fragile I am right now. A little time away from the exercises that have brought me back and I fall victim to the same knee pain that kept me out for 4 months. At least now I know how to fix it and I think we are back on track. I can actually train quite a bit as long as I am being very aggressive with my stretching and ART. I am of course taking it easy this week to let the knee rest and get back to normal.

Once again, I owe Mike and crew at Rehab United big time...they are an amazing group of people that are truly there to help. The facility is awesome and I look forward to continuing my work with them...we are setting up a strength class for endurance athletes that will no doubt become a popular class for local athletes. I will keep everyone posted on the details of the class.

My time at Interbike in Vegas was incredible. So much fun riding out at Bootleg, cruising the floor at the expo, watching the cross race, and, of course, staying up too late partying =) Can't wait to go back next year!

--Dave and Rich from fluid tearing it up on some REALLY fat tire bikes!

--Downhill ride for the day!

--Seriously, look at the size of those tires...I really want one of these bikes!

I am going to really stay on top of my rehab and I will hopefully be back training at the level I was before Vegas in the near future. I am super busy right now but a lot of cool things are in the works and I am excited to see how everything pans out. Stay tuned!


Luke said...

a little time at bootleg will make everyone's knee hurt!

sounds like fun!

Marie said...

Sounds like a great trip! Glad you are back at PT and ART.