Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome back Trevor...

The knee has turned the corner and I have resumed some training. Here's how the past 9 days went down...
M: 3 hr hilly ride
T: 40 min run + core and stretching
W: 2:30 road ride + PT (1 hr strengthening)
TH: 40 min run
F: 2 hr ride + PT (1 hr strengthening)
S: 35 min run building pace as run progressed
S: 3 hr hilly road ride + 20 min transition run (b/c my knee felt great)
M: Ride 4:20 including Palomar and harder riding
T: 50 min trail run
*Yeah, no swimming but since that's all I could really do while I was hurt I am giving a little love to my bike and running shoes =) I did try to go today after my run but the pool was closed...I tried I promise =)

About 21 hrs of training so not bad. I have a long way to go but it feels good to be out there suffering again. Yesterday was all about suffering for me. I rode Palomar with a group and it was plain hard for me to drag my overweight self over those climbs. I haven't pushed myself in 4 months so it was a tough day in the saddle for me but I loved every minute of it. I just put my head down and pushed the pedals just trying to think about how nice it was to be outside even though I was at my limit trying to get over the rollers with the group. In Feb. I rode up the south grade in 1:03, I was not in great shape, and I was doing some interval work so there was some mega slow riding mixed in as recovery. This time it took me 1:14 and I really don't think I could have ridden much faster. Ha, ha it is going to be a long road back but I am loving it! My run today after yesterday's ride was a bit rough but it felt good to be out there running the trails again...first time since the injury!!

So, that is my update. Words can't describe how pumped I am with my progress. I am still being cautious (and doing PT, icing, ART, etc) but I think the worst is behind me and I am ready to move forward full-steam ahead!

Have a good week and thanks for reading!


Marie said...

So happy for you Trev - glad you are still being cautious but it looks like you are progressing at a good pace.

jameson said...

i was so stoked to have you out there sunday... i think it was the first time ever that you were on My wheel. it just shows how good the training you have put me through is working.

you'll kicking our all of our asses again in no time!

so stoked everything is going well.

Zippy said...

I felt the same way whe I finally got cleared to rid the MTB after the hand break. Great to have you back, man!

Luke said...

haha...i think you trained more than me last week!

but i bet i drank more beer than you! =)

go get it bro!

Ryan Denner said...

dude, F'N AWESOME!!!!

I kinda know how you felt - my left knee has been bothersome as of late, and its killin me!

glad to see how you there embracing the suck!

Matt said...

Great news.

I say you celebrate on some rooftop with a bunch of cold beer and great food with a bunch of fools.

Keep up the good work!

Slater Fletcher said...

Great news! Wish I made it up to Palomar with you guys but even your "out of shape weight" would have me suffering to hang on your wheel ;-)

Thats is an impressive week for just getting back. Hope to ride with ya soon!

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