Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Game time baby!!!!

Okay, the hair is gone and the hard training is in full swing...it's game time baby!!!!! Every year, once it is time to get serious, I shave the head...a bit of a ritual and it gets me in the right frame of mind to suffer and really lay it down. I love it and my close family hate it (they love it when I have hair...sorry guys! Come November you can have it all back =) ).
Training is going really well. I did my first hard run workout (hills and threshold work) and, despite a tough workout made even tougher by rain and cold temps, I set new distance records for both of my 5 min intervals (at an even lower heart rate!). I was a bit surprised since this is my first really hard run of the year, it's still early, and last time I set the record was just before world's. Since I ran decent in Maui I would say I am on track for a solid season of good run splits. Honestly, I don't really know how it's possible that I ran this fast this early on but I will attribute it to years of consistent, smart training with a lot of patience (and some good coaching along the way!).

My swim is progressing nicely and I am enjoying my time in the pool every morning, which is a big change from previous years.

We swam a good set yesterday:

4x300 pull on 4:00--descend, held 1:10's on the first and descended down to 1:08's
--1 min rest and jump straight into the 100's (tough turn around time but it makes the set what it is, hard)
8x100 on 1:40--best average (best time you can hold for all 8). Averaged 1:10's-not really fast but after the 300's and little rest I will take it. 1:40 send off makes sure you swim quality hundreds--the point isn't to have the least rest possible.
6x50 on 1:00--1 ez, 2/3 hard, 4 ez, 5/6 hard

Today's set was more mild but we did some more 300's and some fast 50's and 75's...great for the turnover and the race start speed! My upper body was pretty sore from yesterdays swim but I like to feel that way b/c it tells me that I am really working in the water and building swim specific strength.

My bike workouts are bringing a smile to my face! I am moving into harder trainer sessions and my body is responding well. Yesterday’s workout felt great!

Well, that's my training update. I hope you are all doing well. Stay tuned as I ramp things up to tackle the Xterra National Series.

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