Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My race season kicks off in 5 days...

After an awesome weekend of training down in San Luis obispo (SLO) I am ready to tackle one more week of hard work before my rest week next week.
While down in SLO Reto and I logged plenty of miles on the bike and took in some incredible scenery. I just love it down there and I am pretty positive that in the near future Jess and I will be relocating to good'ol SLO town!
I got back home late sunday after a nice easter brunch with my parents. Yesterday morning Reto and I woke up and ventured out to Garland park to do my BRUTAL hill/threshold run. I was really excited to have company and Reto always manages to push me harder then I ever can by myself. So, with his company we crushed my previous time and distance records! I am no longer suprising myself I am just stoked to be making so much progress so quickly. We finshed up the day with some mellow riding and swimming.
This morning it was back to the pool for some harder swimming in the wetsuit. Yes, wetsuit! My first race is on sunday and I need to get used to the suit again. I swam pretty well despite super tired legs from our run yesterday...at least that's what Reto said. He said he has never seen me swim so well so I guess I am on track to post some better swim splits then last year and there is still plenty of work to do in the water before the real races start.
So, this sunday is Xterra Real, which is a points race in Folsom. I am excited to see where I am in terms of race fitness but not excited about the freezing water temps! Oh well, it's all part of the game and I look forwrd to mixing it up with the Xterra regulars. I am not resting for the race so I still have 2 trainer workouts, a few runs and some swimming to do before sunday.
Well, stay tuned for a race report and updates as sunday approaches. Have a good one!


jameson said...

Kick some Arse Homey!

runninggunner said...

Good Luck on the Race this weekend.