Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rolling right along...

--Officially hairless!

The news is that yesterday I set a new time standard for my 4.5 mile transition run course. I set the old time standard last year just before world's. Again, I am suprising myself and there is no way I would have predicted that I would be posting times even close to the ones I set last year in October (when I was in peak shape).

I really like the session I did is a 2 hr mountain bike followed by a transition run on a tough, hilly 4.5 mile trail. This workout is ideal in so many ways. I started doing it last year when Reto had me performing tempo runs off the bike. I think these types of runs make you very strong, especially on race day. I run on feel. I do wear a garmin but I almost never look at my heart rate or splits (I analyze the data after the run). Why? I want to simulate a race in which I don't have a watch, I don't think about my heart rate, I just run on feel and focus on my breathing, good form, and try to embrace the pain that I am experiencing. This helps me understand my body and I have found that come race day I feel like I am just out on another one of my tempo runs. The workout is great physically but also mentally.

The years of training are paying off b/c I am starting this season at a much higher level. The times I set last year showed progression and made me happy but to be hitting even faster times then last year at this point in the season is making me giddy! I am excited to see how I progress b/c if this is my starting point I think I will have a solid season marked by significant improvement in all three disciplines.

This morning was another masters session...
8x100 1:30 send off (variable 25's fast)
4x400 pull 5:30 send off. Descend (incredibly boring but a necessary session to swim fast in a tri)
5x50 on 1:00 send off (1 ez, 2/3 fast, 4 ez, 5 fast) Swam all fast ones sub speed is developing finally.

This weekend it is off to San Luis Obispo. I love it down there and I am sure I will have some great pictures of the green hills of the central coast. Check back soon! Have a good one!!!!

Oh, I am officially up and running with Power! Thanks to Training Bible Coaching I am all set up with a Polar power meter...can't wait to test this one out!

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