Monday, May 5, 2008

My life for the next couple weeks

Wildflower was a blast this past weekend but it feels good to be back home. Not that home isn't crazy busy right now but I love sleeping in my own bed and being with Jess and Sophie!
I am starting my second build week today before I move into a recovery week. I have some hard training planned between my work obligations, which are numerous this week. During this week I will be very specific in my training. I don't have much free time so I will focus on short and intense training, which is fine given the time of year. This is the time when rest is key. Training and life stress will take a toll and I have to listen to my body. I always talk about balance and looking at the bigger picture with your training so this week will be a good test of my mental and physical resolve.
The good thing is that starting next week I will be in west palm beach sitting poolside with nothing but relaxation on the schedule. Jess and I are heading out for an awards trip I won so we are "crashing" at the Ritz Carlton for 3 days on the company bill...oh, the good life! Then we get back and head out to Temecula for the Xterra West Championships May 18th. Can't wait to start with the BIG races of the year to see where I am in terms of fitness.
So, have a good week everyone and I will be in touch!

Oh, I got my new racesuit for the year and it is sweet! Keep an eye out for a all green skinfit flash on raceday =) No pictures's top secret ;)

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