Thursday, May 29, 2008

Open water swimming is the key to fast swimming, end of story!

For the past 2 days I have been getting my butt kicked by Reto at the lake where we swim open water. Between now and Alabama I have an open water swim scheduled every morning. No easy swims, just hard longer intervals. I am suffering pretty much the entire time I am out there but I feel very lucky to have Reto to swim with. He is going to make me much faster and I already owe him big time for it.
I have been swimming shorter intervals at masters so my 200 meter times are fast but I get much slower over an 800. This is my fault for not working these longer intervals but I feel confident that over the next week my swimming will get much stronger. I also have a few technique issues that Reto noticed and I am working to correct those b/c they are slowing me down.
Open water swimming is so different and if you aren't doing it as much as possible you are not optimizing your training.
So, my schedule is filled with open water swims and some key peak workouts. I start my taper tomorrow and hopefully come Alabama I am rested and fast.
That's my quick update. Have a good one!

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