Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sable Water Optics

Ok, time to give out some props to a great, up and coming company...
I met two guys, Paul and Phil, at Wildflower and found out that they are building a brand called Sable Water Optics that they feel will revolutionize the swim goggle market. I had the opportunity to try the new goggles on at Wildflower and instantly loved them for their fit and clarity.
Paul and Phil kindly sent me a pair and I LOVE them! I have never had goggle that work so well, especially in open water. The clarity of the goggles is AMAZING!
We are so used to having to replace goggles on a regular basis because they lose their clarity and often times break. You won't have this problem with the Sable goggles...they are designed for long term use, which means they retain their high functionality for a very long time despite daily use. So, no more goggles that break and have to be replaced every couple of months...YEAH!!!!
Plus, how many times have you been in a race and you can't see the buoys? This won't happen with Sable goggles...they really are incredible!
So, checkout their website and get yourself a pair. The price may seem high but remember that you won't have to keep replacing these and the superior clarity will remain.

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