Saturday, May 31, 2008

Solid performances

The last couple days have been marked by solid performances.
My swimming feels much better now that I have logged 3 hard open water sessions with Reto. We have 3 more planned next week before I ship off for Alabama...good times but man do they kick my butt!
Today I did a time trial up Hwy 9 in the Santa Cruz mountains. It is a 7 mile climb that is tough and I posted my fastest ever time on it today by about 1:45. I got some good data from the ride to so I will be able to track my progress as the season moves along. After the ride I did a transition run with 3 x 2 min hard and 4 x 1 min hard. I went for it on these and was moving pretty fast! I really wanted to work on my turnover and speed so these shorter, hard intervals were perfect.
I feel very strong right now and today's workouts just made me even more excited to race next weekend!
I am in taper mode so tomorrow will be super mellow.
Have a good one!

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