Sunday, May 25, 2008

Peak phase training

Today I did my second peak workout in prep for Alabama and Richmond. Every 72 hrs I do a hard swim workout in the morning and a hard brick in the evening. Each peak workout is meant to simulate a race effort and allows me to prepare both physically and mentally. After each peak workout I spend two days doing active recovery. The goal is to go into each peak workout rested and fresh.
My first two sessions went very well and I feel strong. I can't wait to tackle my first two "A" races of the year. Unlike Temecula, I will be fully rested and race ready for these two big races. I have a few more peak workouts to complete over the next couple weeks. I will keep you posted on my progress. I expect these peak workouts to get better and better. The bottom line is that I am strong mentally and very motivated, more so then ever before. So, I fully expect to achieve my lofty goals at the next two races. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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