Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life back at the beach...

I got home from my 3 week road trip last Tuesday and I was pretty tired. I had some work to catch up on and the huge training week prior left me searching for some extra energy...trust me, I pushed the espresso machine button one too many times last week ;)

By Thursday I was feeling better and I managed some high intensity training on Friday and Saturday. I even did my first triathlon in nearly a year (Saturday). I jumped into the Tri Club race at Fiesta Island. I was curious to see how it would go given my lackluster training week, lack of racing, etc. Overall, I would say it went pretty well. Do I have a really long way to go....yes, but it was good to get out there and go hard. I managed to stay with the lead swim pack, which I was happy about. It was actually pretty easy to just sit in so it looks like my swim is coming along nicely. I wouldn't say a dead flat 20k TT is my strength but I hung in there with the leaders. On the run I felt good for the first 2 mile lap and kind of faded on the second lap. Not really a surprise in my opinion. It will take some time and some racing to get back to the level I need to be come June.

--The Skinfit crew

I can say that Jim has me running and swimming better then I ever have and I still have a lot of training left before the important races. There is no doubt I am stronger and more technically sound from all my time at Rehab United and the work Jim has me doing in all three sports. I am really loving training now b/c I am doing a lot of new things and it is stressing me in ways I have never been stressed before. I need these changes to get to the next level and I am fully committed to the "plan." So, the future is looking promising and I am fired up about it.

So, in a nutshell I had a great weekend. It felt incredible to be racing again and feeling healthy. Plus, Jess and I hungout a lot and really enjoyed the time together. No complaints here...I love my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I am trying to be better about blogging but I am just super busy with Skinfit and training. So, stick with me...it will get better. Especially since I will be local for the next couple weeks. I decided to stay in S.D. until April 9th so that Jess and I can be together and I can log some consistent training. This next training block will take me into Vegas, the first Xterra showdown of the year. I am excited to get out there for a big race again. Even though my peak won't happen until mid June I still want to go out there and see what I've got. It will be interesting for sure!

That is it from here. Time for some Skinfit work before a little time on the mountain bike. Have fun out there!


Zippy said...

Lookin' lean and mean, man! Would love to get together for a ride or ocean swim when you get the time.

jameson said...

so stoked things are rolling for you... and i can't wait to see you race this year.

more beers soon!

Sarah Huddyson said...

hopefully all that Skinfit work = profit!!!! :) good read, keep it up