Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SLo camp...delayed blogging

Honestly, the lack of blogging is due to a ton of training and work for the camp. I promised daily blogs but after waking up, swimming 4-5k, riding long and/or hard, running hard, and making sure Jim, Orlanda, Adam and I have everything set for the camp each day I am so beat it is all I can do to keep my eyes open while eating dinner. Then, the nights fly by and we are up again for another beating!
Monday we swam with the local tri club (50 meter pool...gotta love it)and rode for close to 5 hrs with some good climbing.

Yesterday was a 5k swim that kicked my butt and a long brick session of about 4 hours that involved 3 rounds of hard bike laps + 1 mile as fast as you could go. It was a tough one but one I really like and will no doubt make me stronger. This morning started early with another masters swim and now we are off for a run and ride. So, busy, busy but lots of good work being done.
Gotta head out but pics will come shortly.

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Ryan Weeger said...

50meter pool....gotta love it!