Saturday, March 6, 2010

SLO training camp

Day 1 of the SLO training camp was yesterday. Jess and I cruised up to the central coast Thursday afternoon. Yesterday was pretty mellow with a ride and swim. Honestly, the night I got back from AZ I felt something funny (well, it actually hurt)in my right knee, which isn't the knee that was injured. So, it kind of worried me so I took it easy Tuesday through Thursday. I saw Patrick Oshea for some ART (he is the man by the way!) and he felt that my meniscus had sort of slipped out of place and been pinched between the bones, which was causing my pain. Basically the result of moving my leg in an odd manner...AKA your getting old Trev!
Well, Patrick worked his magic and got everything back in place. Yesterday was a day to make sure the knee feels good to go for the camp and I am happy to report it is. The swelling has come down and I will be ready to roll.

--It felt good to be back on the SLO county is beautiful here right now. The green hills in the winter always blow my mind!

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Since yesterday was fairly mellow I had time to visit one of my favorite establishments in the world...Firestone Brewery. So, not a bad day...riding on my favorite roads, swimming in a great 50 meter pool (had the whole pool to myself), drinking incredible beer, and catching up with good friends.

This weekend I will be ramping up the training and carrying that right into the week where we plan to log some MAJOR mileage in all three sports. Can't wait! I even kept myself up last night looking forward to the training ahead. We will have 25 campers here so it will be a good group.

I plan to post daily to recap the happenings at the camp so stay tuned!

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jameson said...

live it up dude! stoked for you guys. i still gotta get to firestone. sea otter is getting close!