Monday, March 15, 2010

Week in review via the camera....

Okay, I suck b/c I didn't blog all week about our SLO camp. I learned this week that trying to run a camp, run a business, and train 30+ hours doesn't allow for much down time. Our days would start at 6am (or earlier) and end at 7 or 8 and I would be asleep by 10 at the latest. It was an incredible week on all fronts and I am certain there will be more SLO camps down the road.
I got in a TON of solid training sessions and I am excited to see how my fitness develops after my body absorbs all of the work we did this week. Here are some picture could do justice to how beautiful it is in SLO county right now!

--Orlanda drove this sag wagon or the 15 passenger van all week...she was awesome!

--You can see exactly why Adam Zucco was named developmental coach of the year by USAT...riding at the back and making sure everyone is taken care of! The dude is awesome and no doubt made everyone at the camp a better athlete!

--The ride down hwy 46 to the coast was unreal...the views just blew your mind! To bad I couldn't get a shot to do it justice.

--Most of the campers turned around at this point...only the brave stuck around for the tough climb that took us into darkness =)

--My boy Joe living the Skinfit lifestyle!

Today, I am wrapping up all the lose ends from the camp, taking care of a lot of Skinfit business, cleaning up the house, etc. Tomorrow I am headed back to S.D.
Make it a good one!!


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