Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Train, work, train, work....

I am LOVING life right now...tons of training and knocking out some big things with Skinfit. It has also been great to have my weekends with Jess. I usually have my training done by noon and then we have the afternoons to relax and hangout.
Hard to believe they are calling for rain b/c the weather has been off the charts nice. We have taken advantage and managed some quality time with friends over some cold beers...ahhhh!

--Got the pleasure of riding with James out at Hodges...not a bad afternoon!

Training is going really well (I am physically stronger and leaner then ever). I can tell things are starting to come around. I am feeling more fluid and fit in all three sports. I am excited to see how things progress heading into Vegas. Vegas (April 26th) will be my first race back on the Xterra Circuit since June of 2008. It's been a while for sure. To say I am excited to return to racing would be an HUGE understatement. Truthfully, who knows how Vegas will go? It isn't a peak race for me and since I only started back with training mid January it is obvious I need more time before peak fitness comes around. Regardless, I can promise you I will give everything I have on raceday. I have been training hard without a doubt so I will have some decent fitness but it is always interesting to see how the body reacts to such a violent effort, especially since it has been a while since I have experienced that level of exertion. Man, I even get excited writing about racing again!

It has been such a roller-coaster for me over the past 18-24 months so to finally be nearing some racing and to be healthy is actually kind of overwhelming. Through this blog, I have shared my feelings and emotions but I am not sure I could ever truly express the frustration and disappointment I battled everyday during my injury and time of transition in life. I can tell you that not a single day went by that I didn't dream of racing and winning. I missed training more then I could possibly express here in words. Being an athlete is just one aspect of my life but it is a big part of me and when I wasn't able to be 100% of who I wanted to be I felt down and, at times, I felt depressed. So, you can see why I am excited to be healthy, back to training hard, and nearing race season. I found a new respect for the sport and all that comes with it during my time of injury and I intend to take this new found respect with me into every race and training session.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I am loving my life right now! A lot of hardwork, patience, and determination has brought me to back to this point and I am going to enjoy every minute

Have fun out there and stay tuned b/c there is some good training and plenty of adventure on tap for the rest of the week!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life back at the beach...

I got home from my 3 week road trip last Tuesday and I was pretty tired. I had some work to catch up on and the huge training week prior left me searching for some extra energy...trust me, I pushed the espresso machine button one too many times last week ;)

By Thursday I was feeling better and I managed some high intensity training on Friday and Saturday. I even did my first triathlon in nearly a year (Saturday). I jumped into the Tri Club race at Fiesta Island. I was curious to see how it would go given my lackluster training week, lack of racing, etc. Overall, I would say it went pretty well. Do I have a really long way to go....yes, but it was good to get out there and go hard. I managed to stay with the lead swim pack, which I was happy about. It was actually pretty easy to just sit in so it looks like my swim is coming along nicely. I wouldn't say a dead flat 20k TT is my strength but I hung in there with the leaders. On the run I felt good for the first 2 mile lap and kind of faded on the second lap. Not really a surprise in my opinion. It will take some time and some racing to get back to the level I need to be come June.

--The Skinfit crew

I can say that Jim has me running and swimming better then I ever have and I still have a lot of training left before the important races. There is no doubt I am stronger and more technically sound from all my time at Rehab United and the work Jim has me doing in all three sports. I am really loving training now b/c I am doing a lot of new things and it is stressing me in ways I have never been stressed before. I need these changes to get to the next level and I am fully committed to the "plan." So, the future is looking promising and I am fired up about it.

So, in a nutshell I had a great weekend. It felt incredible to be racing again and feeling healthy. Plus, Jess and I hungout a lot and really enjoyed the time together. No complaints here...I love my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I am trying to be better about blogging but I am just super busy with Skinfit and training. So, stick with me...it will get better. Especially since I will be local for the next couple weeks. I decided to stay in S.D. until April 9th so that Jess and I can be together and I can log some consistent training. This next training block will take me into Vegas, the first Xterra showdown of the year. I am excited to get out there for a big race again. Even though my peak won't happen until mid June I still want to go out there and see what I've got. It will be interesting for sure!

That is it from here. Time for some Skinfit work before a little time on the mountain bike. Have fun out there!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Week in review via the camera....

Okay, I suck b/c I didn't blog all week about our SLO camp. I learned this week that trying to run a camp, run a business, and train 30+ hours doesn't allow for much down time. Our days would start at 6am (or earlier) and end at 7 or 8 and I would be asleep by 10 at the latest. It was an incredible week on all fronts and I am certain there will be more SLO camps down the road.
I got in a TON of solid training sessions and I am excited to see how my fitness develops after my body absorbs all of the work we did this week. Here are some pictures...no picture could do justice to how beautiful it is in SLO county right now!

--Orlanda drove this sag wagon or the 15 passenger van all week...she was awesome!

--You can see exactly why Adam Zucco was named developmental coach of the year by USAT...riding at the back and making sure everyone is taken care of! The dude is awesome and no doubt made everyone at the camp a better athlete!

--The ride down hwy 46 to the coast was unreal...the views just blew your mind! To bad I couldn't get a shot to do it justice.

--Most of the campers turned around at this point...only the brave stuck around for the tough climb that took us into darkness =)

--My boy Joe living the Skinfit lifestyle!

Today, I am wrapping up all the lose ends from the camp, taking care of a lot of Skinfit business, cleaning up the house, etc. Tomorrow I am headed back to S.D.
Make it a good one!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SLo camp...delayed blogging

Honestly, the lack of blogging is due to a ton of training and work for the camp. I promised daily blogs but after waking up, swimming 4-5k, riding long and/or hard, running hard, and making sure Jim, Orlanda, Adam and I have everything set for the camp each day I am so beat it is all I can do to keep my eyes open while eating dinner. Then, the nights fly by and we are up again for another beating!
Monday we swam with the local tri club (50 meter pool...gotta love it)and rode for close to 5 hrs with some good climbing.

Yesterday was a 5k swim that kicked my butt and a long brick session of about 4 hours that involved 3 rounds of hard bike laps + 1 mile as fast as you could go. It was a tough one but one I really like and will no doubt make me stronger. This morning started early with another masters swim and now we are off for a run and ride. So, busy, busy but lots of good work being done.
Gotta head out but pics will come shortly.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

SLO training camp

Day 1 of the SLO training camp was yesterday. Jess and I cruised up to the central coast Thursday afternoon. Yesterday was pretty mellow with a ride and swim. Honestly, the night I got back from AZ I felt something funny (well, it actually hurt)in my right knee, which isn't the knee that was injured. So, it kind of worried me so I took it easy Tuesday through Thursday. I saw Patrick Oshea for some ART (he is the man by the way!) and he felt that my meniscus had sort of slipped out of place and been pinched between the bones, which was causing my pain. Basically the result of moving my leg in an odd manner...AKA your getting old Trev!
Well, Patrick worked his magic and got everything back in place. Yesterday was a day to make sure the knee feels good to go for the camp and I am happy to report it is. The swelling has come down and I will be ready to roll.

--It felt good to be back on the SLO county roads...it is beautiful here right now. The green hills in the winter always blow my mind!

Add caption

Since yesterday was fairly mellow I had time to visit one of my favorite establishments in the world...Firestone Brewery. So, not a bad day...riding on my favorite roads, swimming in a great 50 meter pool (had the whole pool to myself), drinking incredible beer, and catching up with good friends.

This weekend I will be ramping up the training and carrying that right into the week where we plan to log some MAJOR mileage in all three sports. Can't wait! I even kept myself up last night looking forward to the training ahead. We will have 25 campers here so it will be a good group.

I plan to post daily to recap the happenings at the camp so stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Traveling man...

Our last day in AZ we went for a SWEET MTB ride and a run...the views were amazing. This really was the perfect training camp...thanks for letting us stay with you Tom! I built a good foundation heading into my next adventure so I am pumped about this =)

-Renata climbing to the peak!

I have been training and working for the past couple days. Tomorrow I am off to a 10 day training camp in San Luis Obispo. Stoked about this one. I hope the weather is good for us but, regardless, the hills are going to be beautiful up there and the training is going to be SERIOUS!

So, back on the road I go. Living the dream I know...you won't hear me complain! Everyday has been a good one...bring on tomorrow baby!
Have fun out there!