Sunday, February 10, 2008

Awesome weekend!

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. The weather was amazing and I got in plenty of training and time with Jess and Sophie. Saturday I went for my first long road ride of the year and it felt great (4 hours). On sunday I did a test run (5k on the track) and it went much better then expected. I have only been training for 4 weeks (1 of which was a rest week). You stop building fitness 10 days out so, basically, I had less then 20 days of training under my belt when I did the run test today. I ran 20:20 at a heart rate 10 beats below my threshold, which is 168 beats per minute. So, the pace is very comfortable and at that controlled pace I averaged 6:30 miles...not bad in my opinion given the very limited training I have done and how early it is in the season. Plus, I haven't done anything intense...everything has been endurance pace. After my run I lifted weights and got in the pool for an easy session to loosen up and work on form.
After my training was done Jess, Sophie and I took our little convertible sports car to the beach to take in the great weather and to get Sophie some exercise. After the beach we headed into Carmel Valley for a nice cold pitcher of beer and it hit the spot!
All said and done, it was the perfect weekend and now it is time to really focus as I move into my second base phase. I expect to see huge gains in fitness over the next few week so come march I think I will be ready for the hard work to begin. I am very motivated at this point and it seems that everyday I get stronger. So, I am right on target with my training and happy with my progress.
Have a great week everyone!

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