Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good news all around...

First of all, my training is going REALLY well and I am fired up to really get after it in the coming months. I think I am capable of big things in 2008 as long as I stay injury free and highly motivated, which shouldn't be too hard b/c of regular massage, a great training plan and plenty to prove.

On another note, I just signed on as a coach with Training Bible Coaching. I was hired today by Jim Vance, the man running the show for the state of California. I am very excited to be joining this elite team of coaches and I look forward to helping athletes achieve their goals through the proven training methods that I have used to structure my seasons for the last ten years. I believe in the Training Bible Coaching philosophy and methodology, which is why I signed on to work for this great company.
I will be creating a coaching blog in the next couple days so keep your eyes out for that and please pass this good news along...I am currently accepting new clients.
Have a good one!

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jameson said...

word up homey!!! stoked for you... TB is lucky to have you!