Sunday, February 24, 2008

Training and some rest

--Living the Skinfit lifestyle

So, I had a huge week last week logging mega miles on the both the bike and run. Long rides with some quality on both the bike and run made for some very solid training days. I am really excited with what I was able to accomplish last week. I am happy with my progress and, after last week, I am definitely in the right frame of mind to tackle more challenging sessions ahead.

I still have one more base week in my second base phase and then I move into a rest week and onto 3 more weeks of base before launching into some serious build training. Overall, I couldn't ask for more right now in terms of my fitness levels. I feel satisfied with where I am and in another couple weeks I will do some fitness tests to measure my progress...I expect to see a significant improvement in all three sports. I am more excited then ever to be training hard and I look forward to my first races of the year, which are still a ways off but I can't stop thinking about them.

My training this weekend has been shut down a bit b/c of terrible weather, which is actually good b/c I can do plenty of resting and relaxing with friends and family. Rest is as important as training and I have learned over the years that sometimes bad weather is a great excuse to find balance in life. Sure, you have to put in the hard work but don't underestimate the need for rest and take opportunities like a "bad weather weekend" to be with those that support you day in and day out. Truth be told, I need this weekend to just rest. I worked really hard the last two weeks and I have another big week coming up so a nice weekend spent with Jess, my parents and close friends with NO training is just what I needed. I certainly had training on my schedule but when I looked at what I had done and what I have ahead of me it is totally acceptable and actually a necessity that I term this weekend a mental and physical break.
So, work hard but find that balance in will be a better person and athlete for it.

These are some pics from my crazy 24 hr mountain bike race weekend: Snow and mud!


emkruse said...

The is one BAD Prius!

emkruse said...

fyi, I often drive my 96 civic to mountain biking destinations - it's one bad mofo

skinfit said...

This Prius continues to amaze me!

Noelle said...

hiya. thanks for the comment on my blog. love checking up on you and seeing those BEAUTiful pics of cali. miss you guys! tell jess hi for me!