Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cruising along...

So, saturday I put together a solid workout. Then on sunday I had a mellow day that consisted of an easy mountain bike ride and an easy drill session in the pool...just a recovery day. I did have a bit of a crash on my ride. I was flying down some singletrack and got a little agressive (just trying to improve my downhill skills) and took a fall at a pretty high speed. Nothing broken or damaged but I do have some scrapes and soreness. The right side of my torso is a little sore but nothing too serious.
Yesterday was another easy day that consisted of an open water swim. Today I will mix in a little intensity...a short mountain bike ride with some 90 second accelerations up to race pace and then hop off the bike for a 20 minute transition run with several 60 second race pace accelerations. This little bit of intensity keeps the body sharp for race day. After my ride/run session it is time for more rest. Rest is my primary concern this week.
I will be doing two more open water swim workouts. The duration of these workouts will be shorter as the week goes on but there will be some intensity.
Overall, I feel great and I can't wait to race! I still haven't heard back from USA triathlon regarding my pro license...something tells me that I could be without the pro card for these upcoming races. I really hope not but it wouldn't suprise me since my contact is at the world championships in Canada this week. We'll see...
Have a good one!

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