Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A pretty good couple of days

--Sporting some new Rudy Project glasses

Things have been really nice down here in S.D in terms of weather and I have made the most of it.
Yesterday, I had a good run in PQ cyn. I followed that up with a strength session and an easy swim with tons of drills. I then went up north b/c I needed to ride trails in the afternoon but before the ride I needed some food and I wanted to do some work. Santa gave us some Starbucks cards so I put those to use, got a sando, and then went down to fletchers cove to enjoy my lunch and watch some surfers. At this point in the day, I was thinking to myself, "it really doesn't get any better then this." I mean, a solid morning of training, lunch on the beach, work in a great beachside coffeshop (and a huge piece of coffecake and an espresso!), and a ride on the trails to cap off my day. I set out for my mountain bike ride and got in my prescribed low cadence climbing and I was feeling good. I decided to head home and then things got a bit out of control. I got two sliced through my sidewalls. James, you need to get out there and clean up some of those rocks ;) So, with two flats and all of my "fix it" items used up I made the 2 mile walk of shame back to my car. Not how I wanted to finish my "perfect day" but, oh well. Overall, I still feel pretty lucky that I can call my "office" the trails, pool, beach, and coffeshop.

-Not a bad view

Today, I cruised down to coronado to swim long course. Reto sent over a pretty serious set and it kick my butt. Warmup, 200 IM +15 sec., 5x100 "cruise interval," which isn't cruising in the slightest, it's pretty hard, 200 IM, 4x100, 200IM, 3x100, 200IM, 2x100, 200IM, 1x100. All continuous, meaning no breaks between rounds. The tough set was made a little easier with the blazing sun, warm temps and ocean view from the pool deck. After I wrapped up my 4k in the pool I went home, shoved some food in my gut, and then took off for my 3 hr ride. Now, I am beat, legs are up, and I should probably get going on dinner b/c I am starving.
That is it from here. More training on tap tomorrow with a masters swim and a long, hilly trail run. I am feeling good, a little sore from all the work, but good and that makes me very happy!
Enjoy your day and have fun out there!

--Someone cuts some sweet singletrack in Scripts Ranch and I pulled over to check it out...Hmmm, they obviously don't want anyone in there so it must be good =)

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Jim Vance said...

It's Scripps Ranch, not Scripts. You're new to the area, so I'll let it slide this time. ;-P