Sunday, January 18, 2009

It feels so good...

Ahhhh, it feels so good to be training again and this weather has only made it more enjoyable. I started back on friday with some light training...super mellow stuff but it felt amazing to be out enjoying some fresh air again.

--Mellow spin along the coast

On saturday morning I knocked out a masters session. I cut it short b/c I wanted to ease into it. The workout was pretty tough and I am a little timid to push it too hard. I am feeling 100% but this weekend is just a chance for me to get back into it. After my masters session I went out on the mountain bike for 2 hrs. It was a beautiful day and I felt good. I managed to get in quite a bit of climbing and the trail conditions were perfect.

--View from the top

--I am calling this climb the crippler...a wheelchair sits on the side of the trail at the start and this climb kicks my butt at the end of every ride. I am sure James will agree!
After my ride I set out for a mellow transition run. Suprisingly, I felt good on the run too. Just goes to show that some downtime keeps you fresh mentally and physically. I had some decent base fitness going into my "sick time," which is one reason I wasn't too concerned to be taking time off and my fitness is certainly still there.
This morning I went back to masters and it was a really long workout...nearly 5k! It was already hot outside when we were swimming so it was nice to get some yards in (hot at 8 am, crazy!). I can tell I haven't been in the water for the last week. My form feels a bit off and I don't quite have the punch I had but it is only a matter of a couple more swims and I will be back to where I was. My times are still decent but I just don't feel quite as fluid as I did. I decided to get some rest before I head out for my long run along the bay. So, here I am, letting some food digest and then I am heading out to battle the crowds on the bay. Seriosuly, there are a lot of people here right now...a small glimpse into what it will be like during the summer, CHAOS!

On another note, Jess and I took the cruisers out yesterday and got a beer at PB Ale House...a fun place and some good deals. It was a little hectic along the boardwalk but we had fun just riding along.

--B & L hooked it up with some bike repair this weekend too...thanks guys!

This afternoon we are meeting up with James and Beth for some playoff action...good times!


Luke said...

gotta dig the will make leaving this place tough sometime down the road!

jameson said...

Good times for sure dude... and I am not talking about the "crippler!"

There is now way all of use shouldn't be hanging out all the time. yesterday was too much fun.

hopefully rain will hold off for the weekend and the Skinfit/Matisse & Jack's team will be in full effect!