Thursday, January 15, 2009


Tomorrow I plan to start back with some light training after being sick for a while now. I am really excited to get back at it. Before I got sick I felt strong and I was happy with my progress. I am not really too worried about my time off as it is still early in the season and I had some decent form not too long ago. I am sure it will come back quickly as it always does. The weather has been unreal so I can't wait to get out an enjoy it.
The biggest news here is that Reto Waeffler will be coaching me. Reto is a good friend of mine and has been for over 10 years now. He was on the Swiss National Team (triathlon), raced on the ITU world-cup circuit and has gone head-to-head with the best triathletes in the world. Reto has been a resource for me over the years and has taught me almost everything I know. In the past, he has give me some input regarding my annual plan and has played a consultative role throughout the year but I did pretty much all of the planning/scheduling myself. Now, Reto is officially taking over and will be playing a very active role in my training and racing. I am excited to have his guidance, especially since I am planning to take my racing to the next level this year. I need his knowledge and experience to make the big jump I am aiming for.
I have some other things in the works but it is still too early to reveal those. Exciting stuff though.
Just wanted to give an update. I should have more to share after the weekend.
Enjoy your weekend!


Luke said...

right on bro...i am stoked to see how the year unfolds for ya!

beth said...

that's awesome trevor- can't wait to see how you do with're a big man to give up control of the plan..
can't wait to see you soon!