Monday, January 12, 2009

Still sick...

Well, still sick and not too pleased about it but I have been making the most of my time, getting plenty of Skinfit and coaching work done. I felt much better about 3 days ago and started back with some lighter training but it managed to come back and now I am taking a couple more days off. Reto had this exact same cold about a month ago...same symptoms and it even let up to only come back 2 days later. So, based on what Reto says happen to him I should be over this mess in another couple days. Can't wait to get back to normal and resume training. Not really worried about anything as it is still so early in the season but I just want to start getting fit again b/c I felt like I was really on track a couple weeks ago.
I am actually up in Northern CA knocking out some Skinfit business and I will likely head back to S.D. in a day or so. Nothing like an 8 hr drive to set you straight =)
Just wanted to give an update. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have a training report with some pictures!
Hope all is well out there. Keep those dreams alive!

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Luke said...

Get well bro...some good stuff coming up!