Monday, January 26, 2009

The past few days

The past few days have been filled with training and rest. The weeks load took a bit of a toll as my body is still getting used to the high volume (Hence the day off today). However, I did manage to get in some really great training and I felt pretty good doing it.
I am excited for what is to come with regards to training. My plan (well, Reto's plan) employs a lot of new techniques (well, not really new, but new to me and they will incorporate a lot of different workouts and create a different structure for 2009). The running will be aggressive, hard and high volume. I am told, that the new plan requires some serious determination and if I am soft the plan won't work...time to buckle down and go big! The strengthening is also going to shift a bit and will incorporate some new, dynamic moves that will keep me strong but not tear down my muscles so much that I can't get my other workouts in at the level I need to.
I will keep up the higher volume swimming and make sure to do the long distance sets that are required to swim fast. In the past, I did swim but I just didn't swim correctly, meaning that I didn't do the right type of work. So, I have committed to working on my weaknesses and that means swimming long, hard distance sets at least twice a week in a long course pool. The rest of the time will be spent at masters and I will also do one recovery/drill session to work on form.
The bike is certainly a priority since Xterra is my focus. This next phase (which starts today) will incorporate more rides (especially on the mtn bike) with an emphasis on low cadence climbing to build strength and when I say climbing I mean lots of it! Mixed in will be some tempo climbs as well to build the "engine."
So, today is a day of rest and then tomorrow I get back at it.
Enjoy your week and have fun!


Pedal Circles said...

Is there anything better than a day of long climbs on the mountain bike??

Matt said...

I guess you're a regular at the cornado pool? Great venue.

Have a solid week!