Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back at it...

So, after the accident I took all weekend off from training. I felt much better on Monday and managed to get in 5 hrs on the bike plus a transition run. I did this ride with Lesley (she is tough!) and we got in a ton of strength work, high cadence drills and even a few harder intervals...a solid day to say the least.
Today I felt pretty good given the day I had yesterday. I rode mountain this morning and then got in a noon masters swim (under the blazing sun!). I am in the first week of a two week bike focus so I have a hefty dose of riding on the schedule for the rest of the week. I am excited to log the miles b/c up until now I haven't ridden too much or at least not put much emphasis on it...that is about to change. I respond to training pretty quickly so I am sure after the next two weeks I will be riding well (or at least on the road to riding well).

--not sure the pics do justice to damage but you get an idea.

I expect the insurance company to say that my truck is a total loss so I have been looking for replacement vehicles. Jess and I went to the tow yard yesterday to get the rest of my stuff and it was certainly sad to see "the beast" sitting there in the yard. Well, time to move on.

Train, eat, sleep, repeat!

Have fun out there!

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