Saturday, March 28, 2009

The training front...

Well, I am in the middle of a bike focus and I must say that I am feeling pretty good. It has been a good week so far with tons of training. The weather has been killer and I have had some good company for much of my training so the days have felt effortless (almost=) ).
I have been on my mountain bike three times this week and it feels great. I just love riding the trails and getting away from it all. I have a new favorite place to ride around here, sycamore cyn. and it is so nice right now b/c it is all green and I never see anyone out there. It also has the perfect training loop (thanks for telling me about it Jim!) and it is one-way, which means you can go really fast and not worry about hitting someone coming the other direction =). A few of us turned some hard laps out there on Wednesday. It was my first hard ride of the year and it certainly hurt but it felt great to push the pace. I will be riding this loop a lot this year in prep for the Xterra season.

That is about it from here. Jess has some work up in San Luis Obispo so it is looking like we will be up there for one to two weeks starting on Monday. I love it up there so it wasn't a hard decision when Jess asked if I could join her. Plus, being in the middle of a bike focus means that I can just ride a TON on beautiful, quiet country roads. Have a good weekend everyone!