Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who needs a racesuit?

Hey everyone!
Race season is fast approaching...for many of us this weekend marks the start of the season with several races going on throughout California.
As most of you know, I own and operate Skinfit USA, a sports apparel company with European roots. We have several different racesuits ranging from our flagship one-piece speedsuit to tri short and tri top. In all my years of racing I have never raced in anything as comfortable and functional as Skinfit so you have my guarantee that you will LOVE our racesuits.
Let me know if any of you loyal readers needs a new suit to kick off your season...I can have it to you in a matter of days.

--The speedsuit II is my suit of has hydrophobic properties and you wear it for the entire race (No stripping down in transition!). So, fast for non-wetsuit swims and super comfortable and breathable throughout the race. I personally wear it for every race, even when it is a wetsuit swim.

-Trisuit with small pad

-Tri top

-Tri shorts...hands down the most comfortable shorts I have EVER worn!

Our product line is huge so if you need anything else outside of racesuits just contact email is
Our website is, click on the "USA" tab

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Matt said...

Trevor, thanks again for getting me my Skinfit threads. I love them! You were right about the jacket. Sick!

Have a great weekend, especially if you take it Folsom!