Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The past week or so has been packed with training and work. I am in the middle of a run focus (2 weeks) and I feel like my run is coming along. I haven't run this much since I was training for a marathon several years back. Right now I have the usual aches and pains from increasing the mileage but my running economy is increasing daily. I am excited to see how I feel in a couple weeks when the hard work has had time to settle in. In about an hour I am off for another hard run...6x1k and I am sure I will be beat after this one =) Then I have a mellow drill swim and some core work at the gym with Jess.
Last weekend I finally made it out to ride Mt. Palomar...what a great climb! It is a perfect training ride that I will frequent often in the coming months...perfect Xterra training. The last week I logged 21 hrs of training with a lot of quality running and this week will likely be right around the same...good form is on the horizon, I just know it =)
Next week I start a 2 week bike focus where I will ride A TON! Huge hours on the bike (25-30 hrs of training) that will no doubt pay dividends. I am excited to start the bike block b/c I want to get my cycling legs back and lay a good foundation for the Xterra season.
This weekend I am going to do the Tri club race at Fiesta Island. I haven't raced in a long time so it will be a good test and show me where I am at this point in the season. I won't be racing Xterra Real afterall...I am traveling a lot next month and it just doesn't make sense for me to drive up there when there are no pro points or money to be made. Instead, I will try to get in some mountain bike racing during my big bike block. Staying close to home for the next few weeks will let me really focus on my training and work, which will be very good for me.
Also, I have been linking up with Lesley Paterson (fellow Xterra pro) for a lot of training. It is great to find someone with similar goals that is in a similar situation. Training alone is fine sometimes but doing it everyday can get old and lead to burnout, which is why I am excited about partnering up with Lesley. She has been nice enough to show me some very cool rides out in east county...there are some great roads out there and I look forward to exploring more of them.
Alright, that is it from here. Off for some training...it is a beautiful day down here at the beach.
Have fun out there!

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