Thursday, March 19, 2009

News and training...

Well, the big news is that I just signed up for Ironman Utah! The race is May 1st 2010. I am excited about the challenge but this year it is all about Xterra so I will worry about that race after Xterra World's.

--The ladies on the ride yesterday...I was lucky to be in good Xterra company!

The past few days have been very solid from a training standpoint. On monday, I logged a good swim session, a longer ride with fellow Xterra Pro, Lesley Paterson (10th at world's last year and 2nd at Alabama!) and a run along the bay. Then Tuesday I knocked out a hard run (ran pretty fast actually, which was nice. 6x1k ) and a mellow swim. Yesterday, I picked up Renata Bucher (Xterra pro that was 4th at world's last a stud!)and we went for an awesome 3:30 ride out east. Amazing weather and gorgeous scenery. Then we finished up the day with a KILLER open water swim session run by Jim Vance. Seriously, it was awesome and I can't wait to do it again...thanks Jim!
Today I will go to noon masters at UCSD and then get in a hilly 1 hr run. Tomorrow will be some active recovery and then I will do the club race on Saturday.


Zippy said...

Ironman? I think maybe you spent too much time in the sun yesterday!

Luke said...

atta boy!!

Slater Fletcher said...

2010 will have some interesting changes to will be an awesome journey