Thursday, March 12, 2009

Training and work...

This week I have been logging the training hours and trying to get some work done. Training has been going well although my swimming seems to be lacking. No doubt the result of being gone for a while and barely swimming (let alone swimming hard). The run is coming along very nicely and the bike volume is going up, which feels good.
The last few days have been solid and the next few days are going to involve more quality work. Overall, I am feeling very good and I am excited to dial up the volume over the next few weeks. I am fired up to race in a couple weeks to see where I am...truthfully, I feel like I am getting fit (by no means race fit yet) but I haven't raced in a long time so who know how it will go.
Kind of boring post. I should have better stories after a sold weekend of training.
Have fun out there!

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