Thursday, August 6, 2009

Revealed at PT...

At PT today I was fit for orthotics. I ran this morning and managed 20 minutes but certainly not free of pain. So, Mike at Rehab United has a theory and I think he is really onto something.
Basically, I have had biomechanical issues for a while now (technically my whole life I guess). Hence, my achilles tendon issues (in the past and even right now whenever I run, which is really strange) and the pain I once had on the top of my foot that I thought was a stress fracture but it really originated from my feet, which have little arch and overpronate. So, according to Mike I was always on the verge of injury and some injurys did actually present themselves (achilles injuries many times throughout my racing career).
My crash obviously led to a knee injury and my biomechanical flaws are not letting it heal. An MRI and physical tests prove that nothing is torn and a soft tissue injury should have healed by now. Mike is thinking that my flat feet are tweeking the bones in my legs, which is putting abnormal stress and strain on my injured knee. The stress on the knee is preventing the ligaments from totally healing. In my mind, this totally makes sense.
So, I will have custom orthotics in 2 weeks and in the mean time I bought a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline (Recommended and I have had a good experience in the past)and some inserts for added stability in both my running and cycling shoes. Let's hope we are on the right track and things improve.


Marie said...

So glad you are getting to the source of the issues. Definitely going in the right direction now. I am such an advocate for physical therapy!

Luke said...

good deal man! bio-mechanical issues are a pain...literally! i've had similar issues...pfps, chronic achilles tendinitis, etc. the only solution has been superfeet insoles...i wear them in all of my far so good!!

good luck...and it sounds like you may be on the right track.

Ryan Denner said...

dude, do what you gotta do. When you start gearing up for st george, i want you at 100%!!!!

XTERRA 29er said...

Prescription orthotics really got my on the right track after lots of knee and plantar faciitis issues. Hope they treat you just as well.

samantha said...

Good to see you back on the bike. Keep at it, step-by-step, and you'll get there
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