Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 2 in AZ

It was a full day today with a morning track workout, 3 hr harder mtn ride with some hill repeats and some short harder efforts, and a swim workout. Tommorrow is another long day of training. Weather has been awesome and it should be warmer tomorrow. Here are some pics from the day...

--Pure recovery bath in Tom's pool and a beer to take our minds off the chilly water
--Track essentials
--Amazing ride today...sooooo much fun!

--Tom taking it to the hill

--Renata napping after some hard riding

--Gotta love that the pool is 3 minutes away!

Stay tuned for day 3...gonna be a good one!


jameson said...

holy shit! you know you and tom are my homeboys... but michelob ultra lime cactus... really? WTF!

very disappointed!

Marie said...

Is Sophie training too?:-)

Ryan Weeger said...

So I guess since youre both sipping on some mich ultras...skinfit needs to make you both some livestrong jerseys, black&yellow, "I wanna be like LANCE"....whatya think nikes "I am tiger woods" campaign.

P.S. mich ultras now come with a coupon for $2 off a pack of tampax