Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The three F's

Today is the first day of my 2010 Arizona training camp.  We got here late last night after a long drive and VERY busy day (Renata Bucher is with me and we are staying with stud mtn biker and good friend Tom).  I no longer have B & L to tend to so I am 100% focused on Skinfit and racing.  It feels good but not sure it has hit me that I now have 7 days a week to focus on my priorities.  I am sure it will hit me this friday when I am training all day =)
The weather is perfect and I am really happy about this.  The trails are in prime condition and we have a great tour guide in Tom.  The whole goal for this week long training camp is to find my three F's...fitness, feel, and finesse.  I have none of these on the bike right now so I am just suffereing through my rides on the mountain bike.  So much time away from riding trails really hurts the fitness and feel.  I would be lying if I wasn't a bit pissed today on our 2:40 climbing fest on the bike.  I feel SOOO slow right now and my technical skills are lacking.  I just tried to remind myself that I have been out of this hardcore training world for a while now and the whole reason I am here is to mind my "mojo!"  It really helps to have good riders to train with b/c I know it will speed up my progression.
We started the day with a 4k swim at the Catus Aquatic Center...it was solid workout.  Then Tom got back from a meeting and we hit the trails for some VERY long climbs....the views were worth every second of my suffereing though.  The riding was pretty technical both uphill and downhill so it was the perfect chance for me to find fitness and work on my handeling skills.
Been knnocking out a little work post ride and now it is time for a 60 min trail run.  Then hit the pool in the backyard to ice the legs (gotta love this! ), the grocery store and some grub!
Tomorrow is big day with some serious intensity...it's crunch time!  Love it!
I will try to post everyday of the camp so stay tuned.  I have the camara with me so I will snap as many pics as possible.
Have fun out there!


Ryan Denner said...

I know what you mean ... kinda. I go through that every time I ride my MTB, which is not often enough (1x/year)...

Have fun in AZ man - rip it up!

Marie said...

Have FUN!

Zippy said...