Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 5: Rest

Today started off pretty mellow and I was happy about it b/c I was tired and needed some time to relax. So, I let Renata and Tom do some training and held off to do my training until the afternoon. I am glad I did b/c it gave me a chance to just relax and get some work done. I did my run in afternoon with the pup (although she ran out of steam halfway through and I had to drop her off), did a little core work, and then proceeded to jump in the ice pool for some recovery. A good relaxing day that was much needed after the hard training.
--Wake up Sophie!

Tomorrow is supposed to dump rain so it has put a damper on the real reason I came out here, to sell some Skinfit at the Desert Classic DU (Training has been unreal though so I wouldn't have changed the trip to AZ). We will see how it looks at 4 am but pretty sure the Du isn't happening given the Thunder storms being predicted.

Cheers and have a good one!

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rw said...

dude, sophie looks like a grandma now