Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Training is hard!

The past week has been fun and full of hard training. Over the weekend a bunch of us did the tri club duathlon and it was tough but fun. Renata Bucher and her boyfriend Simon came out to the race and then we had a bunch of other Skinfit athletes out there tearing it up. The B & L crew was in full-effect. Mike Clinch won his second race in a happy to see him doing well. He is a great athlete and a super nice guy. Brandon Mills was also out there making it look easy. I would be lying if I said I felt anything but horrible. When Jim and I looked back at the last week it wasn't a big surprise. I ran more and harder then I have in nearly 18 months. Running beats you up, no getting around it. I am happy to be putting in the work b/c it will pay huge dividends. I am already feeling much better on the run and I am sure with some rest this will be evident. My knee is feeling great and has been a non-issue, even with the increased running load.

My swim seems to be coming along and I am getting back some of the feel for the water. My fitness will continue to develop and I have no doubt I will be swimming faster then ever before. i am already hitting times that I thought would come a month down the road.

All the rain has made the trails a bit of a mess so I haven't been on the mtn bike for a while. Today Renata and I hit the trails for a few hrs. It was a bit muddy but not too bad. Mtn biking is so challenging but I love it. I can really feel my lack of bike fitness on the mtn bike though. You can't really fake hard, technical climbs! The fitness and the handling skills will all come back with some hard work. I am really loving my training right now. Jim is challenging me and it has been great having him there to push me and evaluate my form and fitness. I am certain that all of the "new" workouts I am doing will get me to the next level.

I will be in Arizona all next week to train with my buddy Tom. The plan is to put in a very focused training camp where there is good weather, perfect trail networks, and great people to train with. Then I am back for a week and then up to San Luis Obispo for another 10 day training camp. Time to buckle down, the training is ramping up! I LOVE IT!

Alright, that is it from here. Have a good one!

Oh, and if you want to make it to the SLO training camp let me know and I will get you the details. It will be a great chance to train hard, get video analysis (swim and run) and get some great one-on-one coaching.


audrey said...

you're inspiring, trev.
so proud of you : )

Marie said...

Progress = redemption!