Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 3...a little rough!

Today was a distance swim workout and a long ride. Lets just say I had a HORRIBLE day on the bike. Didn't feel good at all, got a flat, powertap computer came flying off mid ride so had to track that down, stomach pains the entire time (not sure but maybe too much coffee or something I ate), the list goes on.
The only positive things on the ride are seen in the pictures below....tons of sunshine and great views! Tomorrow is another full day and I trust I will feel better after my ice bath =)

And the comments about the beer selection in my last post were appropriate but I must say I had no hand in selecting these and we made due with what we had. The selection of beer in the house has since changed and is more on par with what you guys can appreciate.


Matt said...

You'll get no slack re: the beer being someone else's problem. It became your problem on the ride! Stomach pains? Time for an IPA.

jameson said...

totally agree with matt. i would link the stomach pains to the mich ultra. just because lance can drink it and hammer don't think you can.

weather looks rad. jealous.

Ryan Weeger said...

Glad you guys have since got the good stuff, now youll be ripping legs off!

Ryan Denner said...

pale ale's are overrated.

but mich ultras are worse. NSFBlogging!