Friday, October 5, 2007

3 weeks away from the big show!

After 5 days of rest with only very light training to promote recovery it is time to get back at it. The next two weeks will be filled with hard workouts and plenty of rest to make sure I am 100% for each tough session. During these two weeks I will be on my bike a lot. My riding has come a long way since last year but I still have some work to do in terms of developing the power and strength to ride fast. There isn't really time to build strength before world's (this will happen during the winter and spring) so I will be focusing on getting as fit as I can over the next two weeks.
I am banking on my cycling fitness to come around a bit so that I can put together a solid ride in Maui. I worked closely with Reto (my coach) to put together a two week plan that will give me some extra cycling fitness. My run is where it needs to be. A few more workouts and plenty of rest and I am certain that I can pop off a fast run split. I think a fast run will actually be key on race day. It is a tough course in Maui and a lot of people can't pull it together on the run course, which opens the door for me to make up ground. So, I will give it all I have on the bike and then lay it down on the run. I think it is possible for me to run under 50 minutes in Maui, which will put me up there.
I will also put in several key swim sessions at stanford. The workouts there are super intense and in a couple weeks I can get some great swim fitness. I won't be focusing on my swim at all but the few key sessions per week will be hard and focused. I don't need to be flying in the water but I do want to come out feeling fresh enough to go for it on the bike. It took me a while to find my legs in Tahoe and I don't want to wait that long in Maui.
The goal still remains to finish top overall amateur and given my result in Tahoe (at altitude) I don't think this is out of reach. I will be peaking for Maui so I will be more rested and more fit then I was in Tahoe. Don't get me wrong, this is a tough goal but I have never been one to set goals that are easy to achieve...why even set goals then?! You have to dream and you have to believe, right? I believe I can achieve this goal and you can count on me to go "all-out" on race day to make it happen.
So, stay tuned as I ramp up for world's. Have a good one you guys.

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