Sunday, October 28, 2007


So, the race is over and, guess what, the course is still BRUTAL!
I went 9 minutes faster then last year. My swim and run were solid but my bike was lacking in every sense of the word. My goal was to ride 1:45 but I only managed 1:50. I just didn't have the strength I needed today. Had I ridden what I think I am capable of I would had a much better result. The good thing about the run is that I was in control the entire time and didn't even try to redline it...I probably should have pushed harder but to be honest I knew I lost a lot of ground on the bike and I just didn't feel like I had much to race for. I guess this could be viewed as a bad attitude but this was a very long season and I think my heart just wasn't really in it. It shouldn't be this way at the world champs so I will just have to evaluate everything and create an appropriate plan for next year.
When I look back on the day I am a bit disappointed but I did improve a lot over last year and that is all I can ask for. I can't really control how fast everyone else races and they did go fast (way faster then last year!).
I only managed 5th in my age group and 44th overall...not exactly stellar placing considering my goal going into the race and, like I said, I am pretty bummed but this fuels the fire for next year and I can't forget that I did improve over last year.
So, now it is time to party it up a bit at the dinner and halloween party! I will be taking November off (no training) so I am looking forward to some great adventures with Jess and friends.
Thanks for all the support. I will post pictures once we get back.

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