Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First win of the season

Over the weekend I joined Tom and James for some off-road triathlon action in sunny Arizona. I decided to do this race as final prep for world's. The race format was perfect--nonwetsuit swim, 10 mile mountain bike and a 5k run. I went into the race considering it a workout. My goal was to put in a very intense effort to make sure I am race ready for Maui and to prepare mentally for the challenges of pushing your body to its limit in competition. I met my goal and walked away with my first overall win of the season. To win is always nice but more importantly I got in some very solid training (physically and mentally) and had a blast with some good friends.
As the winner I walked away with a HUGE trophy (5 feet tall) and I had to promise to return next year to defend the title (they will reuse the trophy every year and engrave your name on it as last years winner). Plus, the boys from Mafia Racing provided all the PBR that we could drink...Yes, this race was sponsored by PBR (pabst blue ribbon) and it tasted great in the hot sun! Thanks to Dave and Travis from Mafia for putting together such a killer day of racing!
After the race we went across the lake to the fat tire beer festival, enjoyed some brews, and took in the "sights" (there were some crazy costumes at this little party!).
That night we went out for some burgers, fries, wings and MORE beer and then hit the sack pretty early.
The next morning Tom and Brian showed me and James some killer trails in the area. I can't wait to get back to Arizona for some more training...I love it out there!

FYI--pics from the race weekend will come soon.

Stay tuned...Maui is only 11 days away!!!!!

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