Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time for some rest and mental prep

We are a mere 5 days away from the Xterra World Championships and it is time for some rest. The hard work is done and all I need to do is get plenty of sleep and relaxation(physically and mentally) so that come race day I am ready to go as hard and fast as possible. My workouts between now and race day will be short with some brief intense efforts to make sure my body is ready for the hard effort on sunday. It is a fine line, if you do nothing but sit around and rest you will likely feel flat on race day but if you do slightly too much in terms of intensity you could feel tierd. I have done a lot of racing so I know how my body reacts in these situations and I have race week workouts/rest pretty dialed in. The most important thing for me is that I toe the start line hungry and ready to go ballistic for about 3 hours and in order to do that I need to rest mentally and do a lot of visualization so that during race day I embrace the pain rather then give in to it and slow down.
A lot of things go through your mind in the days leading up to race day but I have found that you must look back on all the hard work you did and remain confident that you are strong and mentally charged to put in a great performance. If you doubt yourself at this stage of the game you didn't prepare hard enough over the last few months. So, I feel confident and strong and I look forward to a great day in Maui. Stay tuned as we come even closer to World's.
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