Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, the bike box is packed with the new Elite bike and mentally, we are already embracing the island spirit. We can't wait to get to Maui so that I can race hard and then we can relax hard =) I love Xterra but I also love an ice cold cocktail on the beach and I feel like I have earned a few.
Today was my last run and I jumped in the pool for a quick 1 k swim with some accelerations.

--sans pelo with one tierd dog. Gotta beat that heat in Maui!

I feel strong and rested...just the way I need to be feeling a few days out from the race. Hopefully our travel day goes smoothly and we score some sushi at Sansai (a local spot with some great food)by days end!
FYI--you can all follow the race on race day at They will have live video throughout the race.

--The days have been perfect here...80 degrees at the beach in asilomar, which is unbeatable!

Stay tuned as we near race day.

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