Saturday, October 27, 2007

Loving island life!

So, we are officially in Maui and it feels great to be back!
We are staying at the host hotel (Maui Prince), which is nice since it is so close to the action. I tend to stay away from all of the pre-race activities/hype not b/c I don't want to partake but b/c I want to go into race day as rested as possible and that involves staying off my feet. There is plenty of time to party after the race (the entire month of november in fact!).
Today Jess and I are up early b/c of the time change and b/c the birds here are unbelievably loud...Wow!! Plus, we went to bed at around 8pm.
In about an hour I am heading out for a short ride with a few accelerations and then I will swim one lap of the course. I LOVE swimming here! Yesterday Tom and I took a quick dip and it felt great despite the heavy ocean chop (from all the wind). We saw a ton of fish. I can't wait to get back in is so relaxing.
Alright, time for more coffee and then I am off. I will try to post some pictures later today.
Race day is tomorrow and I can't wait!
Have a good one.

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