Thursday, September 20, 2007

Altitude training in Bear Valley

Jess and I are in Bear Valley right now to get in some relaxation and training. It is absolutely beautiful up here but I have to say, its COLD! What's up with all of this new snow? We didn't come up here to see snow!

Well, we are making the most of it and between snow fall I head out for my training adventures in an effort to get acclimated to altitude before Xterra Nationals. I have to look at the snow in a positive light...Lake Tahoe (the site of nationals) will be cold so I better start getting used to it. It is time to "harden" up and what better way than to train in the snow at altitude.

This morning I got in a hard run, which was brutal since we are at 7000 feet and shortly I will be taking a plunge into Bear Lake for some open water swimming...Good thing I have my wetsuit =)

Seriously though, the water isn't that cold b/c it is a relatively small and shallow lake so it heated up over the summer and it has only been cold here for a day, which isn't enough time for it to cool off. There is still something about jumping into a lake when snow is on the ground. I just try to turn my mind off and go for it and, in all honesty, I always end up loving the swim b/c the water is crisp and clean.

Tomorrow we are heading to Incline Village, NV so that I can pre-ride and run the nationals course. Tomorrow shows some clearing so we are going to take advantage of the "better" weather. Sunday will bring tons of rain and snow so it will be a rest day for me.
Well, stay tuned as I approach Xterra Nationals. I will try to update my blog often with all of the adventures Jess and I find up in the mountains. Take care.

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