Friday, September 28, 2007

Race day is fast aproaching!

Wow, it is so beautiful up here...We love it! Everyday I wake up so excited to get out and enjoy the mountain air here in Tahoe.
After some time at the dog park with Sophie Cody and I ran one lap of the run felt good to get a feel for the course and what's in store for sunday.
After our run Cody, James, Jess and I headed out to Sandy Shores beach for an open water swim and picnic. Jess patiently sat on the beach while the three of us took the plunge into the crisp waters of Lake was spectacular! The water is crystal clear and the color of the water is similar to the water off of any tropical can see the bottom the entire time. Experiences like this make me want to leave everything and move up here. After the swim we sat on the beach, ate our sandwiches, and took in the beautiful view.

--The three of us swimming at Sandy Shores

It was a good day of race specific training and to top off the great day "chef" Cody made us some KILLER pizza's! I'm not even kidding, Cody needs to open a pizzeria! Oh yeah, and then I walk in this afternoon and he has some burrito's on the menu...they were AMAZING too. How about an eatery that serves only pizza and burrito's...Cody, you game?! I will be your first customer!
Today, is a complete rest training, just eating and relaxing. We did make it down to the race venue to pick up our race packets but that's it.

--It's all about rest at this stage

--At the dog park/race venue

The race day excitement is fast approaching and sunday should be a tough but good day. Tomorrow is a light training day with some short efforts to get the body ready for the race. I will do this training in the morning and rest all afternoon.
I hope you enjoy reading this. Stay tuned for a race report from Xterra Nationals.

--Sophie expecting to go with me on my run

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