Monday, September 24, 2007

An easy day yesterday..light training and rest.

So, yesterday was another easy day with some light training. I waited until it quit raining before heading out the door for my ride. The sky was still coudy and looking pretty mean but I figured I would take my chances. It was a quiet, peacful ride through the mountains out to mosquito lakes.
I thought I had it made but once I got to my turn around point I started to get hit by a few small rain drops. I don't mind a sprinkle here and there but when it started to hail my first thought was "great, what a nice way to cap off 3 days of terrrible weather." Then I started to think, what's worse rain, snow or hail? I think of the three I would prefer hail b/c you don't get wet and with temps as low as they were wet is bad. So, despite getting pelted with hail I actually had a smile on my face b/c I knew that I was experiencing the lesser of three evils. The funny thing was that there was sunshine off in the distance just to make me feel that much more like I am getting beat down by bad weather. In all honesty though, it was beautiful...the sun was streaming through the clouds and was reflecting off of the mountains in the distance.

You know though, I learned a long time ago that when the weather turns bad and you are out training in it you just need to laugh b/c really what else is there to do? Sure, it sucks to be out in the elements with little more than you cycling/running gear but at least your outside doing what you love and what more to make you feel alive then flying down the road in a good'ol fashion storm. Experiences like this make me think back to training days in college with my friends Reto and Matt...I can't even tell you how many times we got caught in storms and still had a long time before we got home. Our thought was always that it made you tough...I still believe this but I have to say that it was a lot more enjoyable getting caught in a storm with two buddies b/c, really, what can you do but laugh and laughing with friends is what it is all about!

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